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Comply with Animal Disease Traceability with an Animal Health Certificate

Animal disease events can place significant pressure on the agricultural industry. The USDA sought to combat this back in 2011 with the development of new rules and regulations designed to maintain animal disease traceability. Under these regulations, livestock being transferred interstate must have an animal health certificate. These important regulations are designed to enable a rapid response to animal disease events and, though developed for livestock, are extremely important for all animals that travel from state to state. Vet Sentry provides access to a cat or dog health certificate that ensures compliance to state and federal regulations.

How to Generate a Dog Health Certificate for Travel

Vet Sentry is an innovative tool that supports the creation of health certificates for dogs in an easy and standardized way. Our online software is convenient to access, and provides auto-fill for a range of fields including veterinary information, and allows easy searching on a range of popular fields. Our software is designed to help veterinarians save time while producing robust certifications for animal travel.

Create a Pet Health Certificate Online Today

Vet Sentry is the leading provider of health certificates for cats and dogs and offers easy access to a pet health certificate to prepare your pet for travel. We also offer services to you as a dog shipping company to make your work easier. To learn more about our services, or to demo our cat and dog health certificate software, call today at (320) 334-2875.

Traceability for Livestock Moving Interstate

Proposed Rule:
Traceability proposed rule APHIS-2009-0091

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Official Identification Numbers - Animals

Official identification numbering systems are fundamental to animal disease programs. Numbers for both individual animals and groups of animals are defined to support methods of official identification for the various species and for meeting production management practices. Official animal identification devices, such as eartags, will have an official identification number imprinted on them. Group/lot numbers are associated to the animals through records maintained by individuals responsible for the group throughout the production chain.

Official identification numbers are nationally unique numbers permanently associated with individual animals or groups of animals. Official identification numbers are associated with individual animals or groups of animals through official identification devices or methods. Official identification numbers adhere to one of the following numbering systems: National Uniform Eartagging System (NUES) Animal identification number (AIN) Location-based number system Flock-based number system Any other numbering system approved by the Administrator for the official identification of animals.

Individual Animal Numbers

Official animal numbering systems provide a way to uniquely identify individual animals. Official identification for certain species is based on identification devices (e.g., official eartags) that have an official animal number imprinted on them.