Paper Health Certificates are expensive, hard to read and almost impossible to track. Why not convert these paper certificates to an archival quality Tiff 6 or PDF image?

Paper Certificates:

Hard to find the right certificate.
Hard to find specific animal ID numbers.
Paper gets lost or misplaced.
Can't read the handwriting.
Storage space contraints.
Expensive to print, ship and track.

Let Vet Sentry image your certificates and place them on our easy-to-use search and retrieval webview system.

Search on these popular search fields:

1.Certificate Number
2.Certificate Date
5.Veterinarian Number
6.Official Animal ID or Animal Identification Number(s)
7.Consignee Address
8.Consignor Address
9.Animal Species
10.Number of head in the movement
11.Purpose of the movement, sale, breeding, show

Search and Retreival of your Health Certificates

Don't Delay, act today and move forward to fully Searchable Health Certificates.

Now is the time to move to Vet Sentry paper to electronic health certificates! It's easy, inexpensive and will save you countless budget dollars.

Turn this:

paper cvi

Into this: