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Vet Sentry 7 - Features

Vet Sentry 7 Testimonial

Dr. Judy Gibbens from North Dakota shares her thoughts about Vet Sentry HERE

eCVIs in Action

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Vet Sentry and Fort Supply
Vet Sentry and Fort Supply (Utah) are joining forces to bring to market an automated electronic certificate of veterinary inspection. This collaboration will allow for data transfers to take place between Fort Supply's in field data collection devices and Vet Sentry's eCVIs in both an on-line and off-line environment. By flowing data directly from collection devices and into the new eCVIs by Vet Sentry, the data collection and management will be greatly improved. Vet Sentry and Fort Supply are changing the landscape of Animal Traceability in America.

Vet Sentry adds new features:

  • Clerk Feature
  • CVI Revisioning Feature
  • On Hold Queue Feature

The Perfect Trifecta

Vet Sentry - Fort Supply - USA Herds

Check out our Vet Sentry Partnership page for details on how Vet Sentry can work with existing data collection and Herd Management solutions.

Introducing: Vet Sentry eCVIs -Electronic Certificates of Veterinary Inspection
Vet Sentry NOW supports Apple based OSs.

Vet Sentry a fully electronic "eCVI", and on-line Animal Health Certificate. The Vet Sentry eCVI can be used as a better alternative to a paper health certificate, where a Veterinarian can complete digital certificates easily in the field and retrieve from anywhere in a pdf format.

Vet Sentry eCVIs accept imported data from external data sources such as ear tag readers and Excel spreadsheets saving the tiresome work of data entry. Automated data entry features minimize the risk of missing vital information, saving time and money.

Easy to use, easy to read and fully searchable!
  1. A PDF form with the same look and feel as the paper CVI's you have been using for years.
  2. Used in the field or at the office, a lightweight, user friendly digital certificate of veterinary inspection form.
  3. Easy to fill in with a standard laptop or desktop computer, tab from field to field for easy data entry.
  4. Imports data from an external source or quickly get RFID filled spreadsheets to inport hundreds of animals into your CVI form with just a few clicks.
  5. Built on an Adobe PDF platform, excellent look and feel, lots of auto fill features to ease the data entry process.
  6. Little to no training is needed to fill out and complete an eCVI.
  7. Automated features send completed eCVIs to state officials and the veterinarian.
  8. Vet Sentry eCVIs are completely searchable for animal traceability standards.